Computer Science and Engineering

Computer science is the discipline that studies the structure, function, and applications of computers as well as the interconnection of computers.

Advances in networking and human-computer interfacing technologies have further created a digital culture. The ubiquitous nature of computers in todays workplace and home environment is making computer literacy a requirement not only for all professionals in industrial societies but also for everyone living in the digital culture.

Covering topics in the areas of foundations of computer science and computer engineering, artificial intelligence, networking, computer graphics, multimedia computing, software and web technologies, and data and knowledge-based systems, the Computer Science programs at this institute are dedicated to educate students and to advance research in computer and information technology; as well as to assist in the growth and development of the information industry in the region.

Faculty Overview


Dr. Anurag Singh
Assistant Professor and Head
Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Phone (M): +91 9810526575 (M)
Phone: +011 33861120 (O)
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Research Interest :

Complex Networks, Growing Networks, Dynamics of information in complex networks, Graph Spectra, Attacks on Complex Networks, Community structurein Social Networking, Link Analysis, Recommender Systems.