Computer Centre

The Computer Centre, NITD was established on 18/02/2014, to cater the computational requirements of the Institute and is equipped with latest state of the art Technological Resources. The Institute visualizes centralized computing facility, campus wide networking and information technology as a means to enrich the educational experience and invigorate emerging areas of scholarly research and development.

The Computer Centre maintains and manages WiFi facility through rack mounted blade servers in the campus having High speed (single mode) fiber backbone, managed by Layer 4 Switches providing 500 Mbps (1:1) bandwidth Speed. These networking facilities are also extended to Hostel and Residential areas.

The Main assignments and activities of the centralized facility are to:

  • Provide, manage and ensure the satisfactory operation of joint computer and software facilities for the students and departments that are required by them.
  • Provide technical assistance to various users.
  • Ensure the monitoring of the computer network at the institute, and the coordination of inter-connections and the management of overall computer facilities for the whole institute.
  • Provide computer facilities for the institute administration.
  • Manage Integrated Institute Management System on SaaS.
  • Provide IP Base Telephonic facility to various Department's/Centre's/Section of the Institute
  • provide eduroam facility to the various users
  • Provide survillance facility to the institute
  • Provide H/W and S/W facility to the institute
  • Provide e-Office (S/W) facility to the institute

Working Hours (Monday to Friday): 09.30 AM to 9.00 PM

Dr. Baljit Kaur
Assistant Professor,
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Phone: +011 33861053 (O)

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Rai
B. Tech M.Tech | Technial Assistant
Phone: +011 33861050 (O)

Mr. Raushan Kumar
M Sc(IT) | Technician
Phone: +011 33861051 (O)


High speed (single mode) fiber backbone 500 Mbps (1:1) Bandwidth

High End Servers
Rack mount, 8 Blade Populated, Stroge upto 5 TB

Wireless Facility (WiFi) complete WiFi campus with 24 access points of Cisco.

Electronics Media Player Facility of Electronic Notice Board.

Printing & Photocopier Facility Cetralized Network Printing, Scanning and Photocoping facility.

Cetralized List of Software
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